June 25, 2024
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Dua Lipa’s Make-up Musician Simply Shared Her Brilliant “Butterfly” Highlighter Method

We’re all guilty of throwing away numerous hours scrolling on TikTok. Yet, every now and then, a charm idea comes that makes it all worth it. Is however-much time shed a reasonable profession for one-step falsie-level lashes or, state, excellent highlighter in actually 5 secs? If you ask us, yes.

Among those ideas comes directly from the mouth of Dua Lipa’s best make-up musician, Lisa Eldridge, that has a lightning-fast, one-product radiant skin hack she’s been kind sufficient to show our FYP: the “butterfly method.”.

Ahead, we’re offering you understanding right into Eldridge’s newest professional idea. Drift like a butterfly, slaughter like a Dua-worthy highlighter appearance. That’s essentially the quote, anyhow.

Dua Lipa with glowing skin

@dualipa/ Instagram

The Method

We’re familiar with Lisa Eldridge’s TikTok … or her Instagram, coffee table publication, and renowned YouTube network. She’s a real appeal tale, and when she publishes it’s time to listen..

According to Eldridge, the butterfly method is a best when she gets on collection and brief promptly. The very best component? All it takes is a set of hands and your favored fluid highlighter.

” Among my favored on-set professional ideas is what I call my butterfly method. This is when I get on collection and I observe that the version or star requires much more radiance in this field,” Lisa discusses in the TikTok, showing the application location with a swipe up her cheekbones to her holy places. “The digital photographer, they’re doing their point. They do not desire you entering and if you do enter, they desire you to be actually, actually quick.”.

With her version ready, Lisa swipes some fluid highlighter– she utilizes her actual own Lisa Eldridge Cosmetics Raised Radiance Highlighter ($ 38) in Crystal Galaxy– onto the outdoors side of her very own hand. After that, she scrubs the sides of her hands with each other to disperse and heat up the item.

” What’s actually wonderful is that this component of your hand is the excellent form to match [the cheekbone] location,” she states.

According to Lisa, the following action is using the highlighter to the skin in 3 up, rounded “butterfly wing forms.” (It resembles your hands are cupped, however you’re just making use of the outdoors side of your hand. Clarifying it makes it audio far more challenging than it is.).

” It takes 5 secs and truthfully I think that hands are usually the most effective make-up devices,” the MUA includes as her version searches.

While this technique functions best on somebody else, Lisa has an additional idea for self-dependent glow-seekers.

” On on your own, making use of the fleshier component of the side of your hand, rub onto the cheekbone [using] a shaking movement approximately your holy places,” she created in a remark after somebody asked if they would certainly need to cross their arms for self-application.

Lastly– it’s this very easy!– utilize your fingers to touch the item right into the skin. And ta-da! You’re as luminescent as mermaid Barbie herself.

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